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Newborn Photography

Getting your beautiful newborn photographed will be the best decision you'll ever make.

Capturing newborn babies will capture your heart even more when you see your images for the first time. There isn’t anything in the world more special than the birth of your baby. The feelings you’ll get from looking back at these precious photos is filled with so many emotions, as it will remind you of all the little things you may otherwise forget later in life. From squishy faces, to sleepy smiles and tiny hands and feet and seeing just how small they were curled up in your arms only days or weeks old, is just priceless. These are just one of the reasons I adore capturing newborns so much. I have all the patience in the world as I know from experience that it’s so rewarding to be able to capture some amazing photographs, especially once little one is fast asleep. That’s when the magic happens.

The best time to capture newborns is between 7-10 days old as they fall asleep much easier and can curl up nicely for those special photos. So be sure to make a booking whilst you are 6 months pregnant with a tentative due date. I always have a spare day during the week free or a baby who has arrived earlier or later than expected. All newborn photography is done in the comfort of my studio, with reverse cycle air conditioning and an abundant amount of props that has been sought from all over the world from backdrops, to wraps, beanies and hair pieces to make the photos that little more special.

The session can go around 3 hours or so, it all depends on the babies settling and feeding time as well as changing! I work in with them and with you. I have 3 different settings, 1 for baby on the posing beanbag, one for the backdrop settings and an area to photograph the family with baby. I usually start with photographing your newborn with the family and then move on to just photographing your baby. It is something that you will remember and appreciate forever.